Market Launcher

Delivering Global Happiness

We are Dreamers of the impossible who challenge ourselves to make it happen.

Having started in Singapore as an F&B company in 2007 before launching IRVINS Salted Egg in 2014 and Saiko Butter Brew in 2018, IRVINS Salted Egg is now present in 5 countries including Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan. Our people are integral in shaping our global journey from this early phase.

Imbued with the resilience of a 10-year-old company and the energy and spirit of a 4-year-old startup, we empower our family members with autonomy and freedom to experiment in a product-driven environment full of incredibly difficult challenges to solve.

It's an immensely exciting time for us and our customers as we pursue our vision of delivering happiness worldwide.


Resources Hiring and Planning

  • Determine what and how much resources needed including on-the ground team (positions and headcount), office and other equipment and assets
  • Coordinate, oversee, manage and review the process to hire, acquire and build our team, office and assets in APAC countries.
  • Ensure optimum utilization of these assets to achieve our targets for APAC market.

Licenses, Registrations, Regulatory Approvals, and other Adherence to Prevailing Rules and Laws

  • Manage and continually review all licenses and registrations for us to operate our office and business in APAC countries. This includes the legal operation of our office, retail shops, distribution, and for importation of products from overseas (Singapore)
  • Ensure compliance of all relevant laws and regulations with regard to our APAC operation and product importation

Strategic Plan and Direction

  • Plan, propose and review the strategic plan for our business in the APAC market, including expansion strategy, cartel operations, supply chain and sales channels
  • Develop regional expansion plan

Cartel Operation

  • Plan, set up, oversee and supervise our cartel operations in APAC countries.

Sales, Purchasing and Distribution Channels

  • Plan, develop and oversee relationships with suppliers, distributors and other business partners in APAC countries, when relevant for our business
  • Develop and review potential alternative sales and distribution channels including via modern market, online/ecommerce, third party channels (vending machines etc), and other types of partnerships that are relevant for us
  • Develop and review potential suppliers (raw materials and others) relevant for our business

Marketing, Events, Advertisement and Promotional Activities

  • Develop and oversee an optimal marketing, advertisement and promotion strategy for APAC market.
  • Plan and oversee participation in events, bazaars and trade shows as relevant to the business


  • Candidate must possess at least 5 years of relevant experience in a similar capacity, preferably from a food manufacturing/retail industry.
  • Possesses an Advanced Diploma/Degree in Business Management/Marketing/Retail Operations/Retail Management or related field.
  • Must be willing to travel frequently within APAC regions.
  • Good communication and analytical skills
  • Able to work well under tight deadlines and minimal supervision, as well as a good team player